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What is CygnIFyID?

CygniFyID is an end-to-end mobile biometric user authentication Software as a Service. It allows an organization to quickly, easily and inexpensively add face, voice, and fingerprint authentication into any existing security process. It’s so easy, you can authenticate with biometrics anywhere. You become the password.

Banking / Retail

  • A qualifying event (like a retail transaction at a store) starts the process.
  • The transaction vendor server (like a bank) pings the CygniFyID server for an authentication request.
  • The user is asked to submit their biometrics for authentication.
  • Based on the results from the servers, the authentication is approved or denied.
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    Step 1

    An individual attempts to access an account or site protected with Cygninet's CygniFyID SaaS system.

    STEP 3

    Cygninet CygniFyID SaaS system sends an authentication request message to the CygniFyID app on the user’s mobile device.

    STEP 2

    The corporate server alerts Cygninet's CygniFyID SaaS system about this request for access, along with the user’s identifier for this request.

    STEP 4

    The user is prompted by the CygniFyID mobile app to capture their biometrics using the CygniFyID app on their mobile device.

    STEP 5

    Cygninet CygniFyID SaaS server compares the user’s biometrics and then returns either an authentication or rejection message back to the corporate server.

    STEP 6

    The corporate server responds to the point-of-origin application, site, or system with an approval or denial of access.
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    CygniFyID Use Cases

    Many important use cases exist for adding multi-modal biometric identity authentication to business processes within enterprises, law enforcement, the retail industry, the banking industry, and in healthcare organizations. Some of the most obvious use cases are described below. Using CygniFyID is beneficial any time you need assurance of the identity of the person accessing a system or making a transaction.

    1. Application Access (Direct application login or using Single Sign-On systems)

      - Includes applications that are hosted on premise or in the Cloud.

      - Often provided in conjunction with a Single Sign-On (SSO) product (e.g. CA Single Sign-On, OneLogin, etc.).
      1. Mobile Device Application and Data Security

        - Includes securing access to mobile apps and corporate data accessed from mobile devices.

        - Provided in conjunction with a mobile device management product (e.g. MobileIron, Good Technologies, Citrix XenMobile, etc.).

        1. Password Reset

          - Includes using CygniFyID to authenticate a user before they can reset their password.

          - Generally provided in conjunction with a password reset vendor (e.g. Avatier, Courion, etc.)

    1. Corporate Network Access

      - Includes securing access to corporate networks and data using VPN, Firewalls, etc. (e.g. Aruba, Cisco AnyConnect, F5 Networks, etc.).

      - Can replace or supplement token devices, such as RSA SecureID and other products.
      1. Enterprise Data Security

        - Includes securing access to cloud or hybrid corporate data storage systems (e.g. Box, DropBox, etc.).

        - Recommend using enterprise hybrid storage solutions, like Extenua Cloud2Drive, to provide enterprise security with convenience.

        1. Cloud Access

          - Login access to public cloud systems, such as AWS, Azure,, etc.

          - These cloud services provide SAML or other interfaces that can be used with

    1. Password Manager Products

      - Products that securely store all of your passwords in a software vault for access to all of your devices.

      - The security of the password manager product itself is critical since it stores all of your other passwords.
      - Adding CygniFyID for multi-modal biometric identity authentication to these products is very beneficial.
      1. GPS and Logistic System Integration

        - When a vehicle or person has to be located via GPS, such as in Logistics and Mobile Health applications.

        - The CygniFyID multi-modal biometric identity authentication can provide assurance of the user’s identity for these types of applications.

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      - A physician or other hospital staff requesting access to a patient’s electronic health records (EHR) or Personal Health Information (PHI) e.g Telemedicine and Telehealth.

      - A physician sharing patient records with other staff within the same health system.

      - Physicians submitting electronic prescriptions (e-Rx) for controlled substances and e-Prescription renewals.

      - Physicians entering orders into Certified Physician Order Entry (CPOE) systems.

      - Patient check-in using biometrics to more easily and accurately identify a patient.

      - Nurses or care workers visiting a patient’s home using connected mobile health applications to monitor and track PHI.

      - Physicians’ remote access from PC or mobile devices to remote presentations, clinical portals, and shared workstations.

      - Internal password reset requests within hospitals and clinics.

      - Doctors accessing a patient’s biographic data (vital signs) from wearable apps and other remote, wireless monitoring devices.

      - Hospitals and clinics offering patient portals to provide remote access to review lab results, Personal Health Information (PHI), and to schedule appointments.

      - Hospitals and clinics providing mobile health applications to communicate, monitor, and support patients.

      - I dentifying patients in clinical trials, providing surveys, and collecting patient status during the clinical trial.

      1. RETAIL:

        - Login for an online store via a webpage.

        - Login for a mobile store via a mobile device (iOS or Android).

        - Verify a purchase from an online store.

        - Verify a purchase from a mobile store.

        - Point-of-Sale Integration. Verify a purchase made in a physical store.

        - Loyalty programs that send coupons and offers to a mobile phone.

        1. FINANCIAL:

          - Login for an online banking website using a PC.

          - Login for a mobile banking app using a mobile device (iOS or Android).

          - Verify a banking transaction from a bank’s website.

          - Verify a transaction from a mobile banking app.

          - Verify a transaction performed on an ATM, by using CygniFyID in a mobile device.

          - Fraud prevention by authorize/decline of unusual transactions via biometric authentication.

          - Authorization of periodical charges/payments (credit card payment, services payment, etc.).